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We are a company that provides dust removal equipment for wheels and feet. We have support products in various industries that want to control dust in the factory. For a cleaner factory, reduce cleaning costs and create productivity that is free from contamination in your products.

" Clean Factory. "


Our main products are available in 4 types which are...

1. The ProfilGate Matting dust removal system is made in Germany. It is operated with a brush. The brush is cleaned only when running through the brush screen. This model is quite popular because it does not use electricity. The bristles last up to 10 years. Maintenance and cleaning is not difficult 1-2 months, supporting a maximum weight of 40 tons. The bristles pass FDA standards. Used in the food industry, medical equipment, factories Nurse, medicine production And other industries. Can yoo see original website: https://www.profilgate.com/en/home

2. Dust pad on feet and wheels. Dycem mat, sheet to control contamination of wheels and feet. Made in England The material is made from polymers and silver ore for Biomaster's Kill Bacterial, as well as with an anti-static ESD feature for the electronics industry. Thickness 2 mm. Round edge Able to remove dust from 100 - 0.1 microns. Can be used before the entrance of the production area, clean room, changing room, food industry, medical equipment, hospitals, medicine And other industries Can support 1-5 tons. Can yoo see original website:https://www.dycemcc.co.uk/

3. Air Vacuum Mat System to clean wheels and feet before entering the dust control system. Working system is that when passing through the machine, there will be sensors to detect people. In order for that machine to start working When stepping on the nozzle, the air will be sucked from the feet into the dust bin.

4. Caster Cleaner, wheel polishing machine. The working principle is that the machine will polish the sponge by polishing the front wheel first. From then, to be the back pair of wheels The operation is controlled by PLC. The polishing time can be set. With spray nozzles and detergent for easier removal of dust on wheels There is a recycling system for water through the filter. Can support a maximum weight of 150 kg

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