Our Company

         NPR MATERIAL Co., Ltd. was established in the year 2009, the name of NPR MATERIAL PARTNERSHIP. Later in 2015, it was changed to NPR MATERIAL CO., LTD. More Most of our customers are in the manufacturing sector about 90%. Initially, we import anti-static materials and equipment. Later, we saw a way to expand the market for dust control in areas where special control was needed. Or clean room I have started to search for products that can answer this question. Started contract with shoe cleaning machine manufacturer. From South Korea before Representatives from the manufacturer of Dycem from the UK and ProfilGate® from Germany came forward. Therefore, we have started studying and contracting dealers in Thailand.

Our highlight

2.1 Air Vacuum mat, Remove the dust from you shoes. When you walked the mat.

2.2 Automatic Shoes Sloe Cleaner, Wet System with brush polishing. Clean to 90% up!of the cleaning you just use it.


                        Air Vacuum Mat (Dry Suction)                                                            Automatic Shoes Cleaner (Wet Brush)

2.3 Dycem Mat Products, The Products from UK Polymeric Materials for remove dusts and particulate contamination from Shoes and wheels. (Up to 1-5 tons of weight) up to 99.9% and particulate air up to. 75% can be cleaned. Lifetime of 3-5 years


2.4 ProfilGate® Products from Germany the brush tray system for cleaning shoes and wheels. Can support load up to 30 tons and easy maintenance. 

Nowadays, the industry trend has begun to aim to improve the environmental management system within the factory “Green House Factory”. For to enhance the quality of products. Reduce costs of contamination. And for the health of the workers. So we can see that our products are the answer to this, and we think it is a great opportunity for manufacturers. Our current products are available in many industries such as: pharmaceuticals, aircraft, semiconductor, biomedical, hospital / health care, Medical, equipment, Data Center / IT Automotive, lighting, packaging and food hygiene.