Size Matters

Size Matters

It is important to choose the right size Zone, as correct sizing optimises both performance and life cycle. 







There are several factors to consider including:

  • Levels of contaminants.
  • Number of operators and carts.
  • How often wet cleaning takes place.
  • Physical size available.

For effective decontamination, at least 3 meters of Dycem 
is recommended to provide a sufficient surface area to allow
for six foot falls (three of each foot) or three full wheel rotations
before reaching critical areas.

Paying a High Price for Low Cost Alternatives

The initial cost of peel off mats may seem low and advantageous when meeting budgets, however peel off mats actually cost significantly more than Dycem.

When comparing the two systems, Dycem not only costs less over the longevity of both products, but most critically, it vastly out performs in terms of size, quality and retention of contamination, reducing the risk of particles entering your critical environment.

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