Using Nothing

Using Nothing

Particulate contaminants (both viable and non-viable) are known to adversely affect quality, product yield, operational effectiveness and profitablilty.

Using no contamination control at floor level poses a dangerous threat to clean areas. Particles below a size of 30 microns are not visible to the naked eye so viable and non-viable particles are very likely to be present.





There are two main types of contamination:

  1. External - gross atmospheric contamination, which infiltrates your facility.
  2. Internal - the human body can generate 5-10 million skin, hair, dirt and clothing particles every minute. 

The risks for no contamination control include:

  • Risk Management Policies being adversely affected as 100% of localised contamination and particles are allowed to freely settle.
  • Shoes and wheels will pick up and collect particles transferring them into critical areas.
  • Shoes and wheels will also grind down these dust and dirt particles eventually to a size that will become subject to Brownian Motion (airborne particle movement).
  • These airborne particles become suspended in the air and get carried into the critical area where they present a potential hazard.
  • The cost of a contaminated product batch and potential shut down can cost up to millions of pounds per day.
  • The above can be a risk to your profits.
  • It can be a risk to your brand and reputation.