Reduce foreign objects and industrial contamination with ProfilGate

ProfilGate: Fork Truck Tyre and Pedestrian Footwear Cleaning System

The innovative cleaning system for world-class facilities. Set up your company for Industry 4.0 by creating high standards of cleanliness & hygiene with ProfilGate.

ProfilGate includes a series of pre-tensioned brush strips positioned within a galvanised steel grate & stainless steel collection. The brush heads are angled along the brush strips which vibrate movement passes over them causing a highly effective brushing action against the wheel or footwear surface. ProfilGate cleans and captures dirt, tyre dust, foreign objects and moisture automatically, with no motors or electricity required. 


  • Improve health & safety, reduce risks. Cleaner and drier floors reduce the risks of slips and help to avoid civil claims and lost time accidents.
  • Drastically reduce cleaning time and costs. Automatically cleaning soles of footwear and tyres at the point of entry has been proven to extend cleaning cycles by up to 40%!
  • Reduce maintenance costs & protect new painted floors. Dust and dirt can be very abrasive to floor surfaces. ProfilGate helps to extend the life of the floor and protects painted surfaces, especially in winter.
  • Proven to collect over 23kg of dirt per week
  • Reduce the costs of shoe covers. Some clients have saved as much as £10,000 per year & increased productivity by installing ProfilGate for footwear cleaning!
  • Protect your brand image & integrity. Reduce risk of foreign objects and contamination of goods & machinery, which in turn reduces the risk of product recalls and customer complaints.
  • Reduce the amount of airborne dust & improve air quality. Reduces black tyre dust which may contain carcinogens. Helps to prolong the life of filters and reduce maintenance costs.
  • Environmentally friendly solution. No electricity or chemical disposal required.
  • Reliable and lifetime guarantee on collection trays and grates, gives you peace of mind. Trusted globally by world-class leading brands.
  • Helps to achieve quality, safety and cleanliness standards - retain your BRC accreditation.


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