Air Vacuum Mat

New Technology " Cyclone' Suction Mat "


| Air Vacuum Mat Where to use? |

Before the entrances of clean rooms and areas, air shower booth, and where sticky mats are required in the industries such as Semiconductors, HACCP, IT and Software, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics and Beauty, Animal labs, Research center and labs, etc.

Before the entrances and gates of premises and buildings where A large population flows such as kindergartens and schools, municipal offices, exhibition grounds and facilities, restaurants, catering facilities, nursing homes, hospitals, offices and meetings rooms, indoor public gathering sites, etc.

| Process Cleaning of Air Vacuum Mat |

1. The 'Cyclone' suction mat starts to operate automatically by a sensor when you step on it.

2. The suction pins stepped on suck up dirt, dust, contaminants and micro dust instantly around your shoe soles.

3. All dust and dirt collected are sucked/drifted into the dust collector through triple filtration system.


The pictures show dust and dirt collected through triple stage filters.
(Soil, Dirt, Dust, Hair, Pieces and strands of fibers and cloths, Micro dust)

Triple stage filters and dust collectors


| F E A T U R E S Air Vacuum Mat |

| Sample Installation Air Vacuum Mat |


| Model & Size Air Vacuum Mat |

 Video Air Vacuum Mat|


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